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 Price List

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PostSubject: Price List   Thu Jan 20, 2011 3:11 am

Ahrims (set) - 5m a piece
Dharoks (set) - 10m a piece
Veracs (set) - -7.5m a piece
Guthans (set) - 5m a piece
Torags (set) -5m a piece
Karils (set) - 5m a piece

Infinity boots - 10m
Mage's book - 8m-10m
Infinty robe top - 3m
Infinity robe bottom - 3m
Infinity robe hat 5m
Master wand - 10m
Infinity gloves - 3-5m

Ranged Gear

Robin hat - 10m
Ranger boots 15m
Dark bows 20-30m
Dragon arrows - 50k ea
Bolt racks - 2k ea


Bandos chest plate -65-80m
Bandos Tassets - 80-90m
Bandos boots - 8-10m

Armadyl Helm - 85m
Armadyl Chestplate - 120m
Armadyl Platelegs - 110m

Dragon Platelegs - 7-8m
Dragon chain - 15-20m
Dragon boots - 5m
Dragon fireshield - 80-90m
Dragon plateskirt- 3-5m


Berserker ring - 25-30m
Warrior ring - 20m
Archers ring - 20m
Seers ring - 20m


Amulet of fury[ - 30m-35m


Abyssal whip - 15m-20m
Zamorak Godsword-350m
Saradomin Sword -60m
Saradomin godsword - 500m
Armadyl Godsword - 425-450m
Bandos godsword - 75-100m
Crystal shield - 12m (same as new crystal sheild)
Crystal bow - 15m (same as new crystal bow)


Dragon bones - 50k each
Clue scroll - 2m-3m each


Zuriels hood - 250m
Zuriels Robe Top - 400m
Zuriels Robe Bottom - 350m
Zuriels Staff- 250m

Vestas Chain body - 350-400m
Vestas Platelegs - 350-400m.
Vestas Longsword - 550m
Vestas Spear - 450-500m

Statius Warhammer - 500m
Statius Full helm - -200-225m
Statius Platebody -350-375m
Statius Platelegs -350-375m

Morrigan's Coif - 150m
Morrigan's Leather Body - 300-350m
Morrigans Leather Chaps - 275-300m

Spirit Shields

Elysian = 1.2b-1.3b
Arcane = 1b-1.1b
Spectral = 900m-1b
Blessed = 500m
Divine = 1.4b-1.6b


Elysian Sigil = 500m-600m
Arcane Sigil = 400m-500m
Spectral Sigil = 300m-400m
Divine Sigil = 700m-800m


white & black -1-3m
multi-color- 1m
yellow - 1m

Freminik Armour

Spined legs - 500k
Spined helm - 250k
Spined body- 500k
boots & gloves - 100k


Dragon Woodcutting Axe-10-15m
Blue beret-2-3m
Black beret-3-5m
White bere- 2-3m
Highway Mask-5m

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PostSubject: Re: Price List   Thu Jan 20, 2011 3:27 pm

very nice, i agree with this Smile *offical price list*
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PostSubject: Re: Price List   Thu Jan 20, 2011 4:06 pm

thnx lol Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Price List   

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Price List
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