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 Slayer Guide

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PostSubject: Slayer Guide   Thu Jan 20, 2011 3:18 am



-Berserker Helm
-Any Cape (I like skill capes because of prayer bonus)
-Dharok's Platebody
-Dharok's Platelegs
-Abbysal Whip
-Unholy Book
-Climbing Boots
-Black D'hide Vambraces
-Amulet of Glory


-Archer Helm
-Rune C'bow
-Amulet of Glory
-Unholy Book
-Black D'hide Top
-Black D'hide Chaps
-Black D'hide Vambraces
-Climbing Boots
-Bolts of your choice
-Any Cape (I like skill capes because of prayer bonus)


-Farseer Helm
-Splitbark Top (would be Ahrim's top but I lost that lolz)
-Splitbark Gloves
-Ahrim's Bottom
-Mystic Boots (would be Infinity boots but I lost those too lololzz)
-Ancient Staff
-Unholy Book
-Amulet of Glory

Inventory (combined):

-Food (I chose mantas, sharks or monkfish are good, whatever you have readily availible, really)
-Potions (I like the Zamorak Brew, it has good bonuses, Super Restores for Prayer restoration)
-Runes for Vengeance (or Ice/Blood Barrage if using magic)
-Enchanted Gem (Absolute must, for checking how many monsters left to kill)
-Empty Spaces for Loot


Talk to Vannaka at home to begin your Slayer journey. He gives a variety of monsters, I've had:

-Blue Dragons
-Green Dragons
-Hellhounds (Hate them)
-Rock Crabs
-Al Kharid Warriors
-Abbysal Demons
-Dust Devils

Advantages of Slayer:

-Level 65: Dust Devils (Drop Dragon Chainbody - 15m)
-Level 85: Abbysal Demons (Drop Abbysal Whip - 15m)
-Level 90: Dark Beasts (Drops Dark Bow - 25m-30m)


-Slayer has produced most of my money, and is one of my favorite skills. If you decide to gain slayer levels and camp at Abbysal Demons or Dark Beasts, a few hours can be your door to millions.

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PostSubject: Re: Slayer Guide   Thu Jan 20, 2011 10:41 pm

wrong section "runescape guides" not "server guides"

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Slayer Guide
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