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 Ingame Staff Application Format [ MUST USE ]

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PostSubject: Ingame Staff Application Format [ MUST USE ]   Sat Oct 23, 2010 2:54 am

After you've copyed it put you're text into a diffrent colour for e.g. name: (blue) mac etc. edited by mac.

IRL Name:
Ingame Name:
Have you had any Offences Ingame?
Experiences On Other Servers?
Why Do you want Staff?
What will you do if you become staff?
What do you think about the server so Far?
Are you going to Quit if you dont get Mod?
How Long have you been with X-Blitzed-X?

- Just Copy&Paste This Onto Your Thread, Answer The Questions -
- Be Neat -
- Use Colors To Help Us Read It Easier! -
- Sloppy \ Short Applications Will Be DENIED! -
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Ingame Staff Application Format [ MUST USE ]
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