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 F R E S H'S Head Mod App.

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PostSubject: F R E S H'S Head Mod App.   Sun Oct 24, 2010 12:19 pm

IRL Name: Pablo G
Ingame Name:F R E S H
Have you had any Offences Ingame?Nope none
Experiences On Other Servers?Yes i have had expierences on other servers. Ive been Co-Owner in 2 317 servers and Admin and mod in others.
Why Do you want Staff?I want staff because id like to help people out on the server and I like seeing people follow the rules not breaking them.
What will you do if you become staff? I will try my best to help all the new players out or just to help any player that is need of assistance.
What do you think about the server so Far? Its TOOOO FRESH.Very Happy
Are you going to Quit if you dont get Mod?Noo this is the only server i really stuck to.
How Long have you been with X-Blitzed-X? Ive been on X-Blitzed-X ever since the very first time Mac released it. back when i was in Diapers.
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F R E S H'S Head Mod App.
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