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 X-Blitzed-X First Event.

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PostSubject: X-Blitzed-X First Event.   Tue Oct 26, 2010 1:52 am

Okay well me and mac have decided to host X-Blitzed-X first official event


The event will be Hide & seek.

How to play & Rewards

mac will find a hiding spot thorughout the whole of gielinor, ( runescape ), and you will have to find him.

he will ::Yell out clues every now and again, starting off Moderately hard and will be getting slightly easier the longer people take to find him.

the reward for each find will be 100m, the event will be held 5 times.

When it will be held

It will be held the second day after the new clinet has released.
we do not know the exact time or date at this present time, but i will update this thread as soon as i am aware of it.

hope you enjoy taking part, and have fun.

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X-Blitzed-X First Event.
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