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 A New Moderators Guide

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PostSubject: A New Moderators Guide   Fri Oct 29, 2010 3:00 pm

The New Moderators Guide

Hello, as I have noticed a few of our moderators are new to the whole "moderating scene" and seem unable to handle a situation which can become a little heated. So I am going to give a few examples of situations that can become sticky and may need some quick action.

You may be wondering, what gives me the ability to know what to do in these situations, well I have a lot of experience in such situations, as I was a moderator/administrator on various large servers and sites. So now lets get onto the guide!
Situation 1, offensive language.

Player 1: Hey kid, you're a f*cking a**hole.
Player 2: Lol nerd, go f*ck yourself.

Okay, so you may be sitting there thinking, QUICK, BETTER MUTE! Well no, you shouldn't the first thing you should be thinking about is warning the players and explaining why this is not an acceptable thing to say/do. I have see moderators respond in ENTIRELY wrong ways, an example of this is.

Moderator: Oi, d*ck heads stop being immature pr*cks.

As most people SHOULD know this is a terrible way to handle a situation, however some of the younger, or less experienced moderators may not know this, you should be replying to them in a calm and clear manner such as,

Moderator: Hey guys, please could you stop that, your language is considered offensive.

This would be considered a warning to the players and should only be given once, hopefully is all goes well, the players will stop right away and not carry on, however if they do choose to ignore your warning this is when you are able to use your powers without being considered an "abuser" an ample way to do this would be by, first off muting them for the offensive and then calmly explaining why they have been muted and when they will be unmuted like this,

Moderator: You have been muted for 24 hours for offensive language, if you wish to appeal please head over to the forums, found at http://x-blitzed-x.forumotions.net.

And remember, to always take screenshots if you choose to mute a player of the reason why you muted them, incase they decide to report you for abuse, so you can prove it was a legit and fair mute, and remember no matter what happens ALWAYS STAY CALM! Don't let them wind you up, or get to you and remember deal with all situations as fast as you can.

Situation 2, player constantly bugging you for help.

Okay so as some of you may have noticed, that crown comes with some extra work Obviously you're going to get asked for help a lot as it is your job! But someone's we all get those players who constantly beg for things and pester you about stupid things and let's be honest, it will wind you up an example of this would be,

Player: Hey plz can u help me
Player: plzzz
Player: plz dude help
Moderator: *Answers question to best of ability*
Player: dude plz dnt get it
Player: FFS help me plz!!! :@
Player: omg reported 4 not helping

The obvious answer to this is, just try and help them as much as you can and if you find yourself growing irritated by the player, simply direct them to another member of staff (make sure to ask them if it is okay with them first, obviously.) As with all other situations, just remember not to lose your cool EVER. A bad reply to a situation like this would be,


I mean, some of you may think that this is a stupid and silly reply, but when you have people pestering you constantly and asking for help you can get wound up and end up flipping out. A good and smart reply would be,

Moderator: Hey, I'm sorry but I can't help with your situation any further, please direct your question to *insert other moderators name here*

It really is simple to deal with irritating players, you just have to learn to share out the work with each other so it doesn't get stressful for one person and the other person I just sitting on their asses and doing nothing.

Situation 3, a player is found botting/duping.

Obviously from time to time we will find players exploiting bugs in the system or using a macro, obviously if you suspect a player of duping the best thing to do is contact an administrator as fast as you can, if they are not online visit their forum profile, if you are unsure who is an admin you can find all staff members here. Send one of them a visitor message in this format to help the admins out in their investigation and to stop false reports in this format,

Player suspected of duping:
Reason you believe they are:
Other players who may be involved:

Now for botting, the obvious thing would be to jail them, you may be wondering "What is jailing?" well it's simple you type ::jail playername and follow the previous section, remember before jailing a player you must explain why you are doing this in a proper fashion (even if they aren't at they keyboard ) a bad example of how do to this would be as follows,

Moderator: You F*cking idiot botter, jailed lol...

This is for obvious reasons a terrible way to do things and you should be doing things like this,

Moderator: You have been jailed as I believe you are macroing, to appeal please visit our forums http://x-blitzed-x.forumotions.net

Now you may be thinking but they'll just start again if an admins not quick enough and I have 100% proof! well this is were you can use the banning power, You may be confused as to how to do this well it's simple! You can use the ::banuser namehere however this should only use this if you have 100% proof and can support your evidence, as bans should not be given out lightly.

Situation 4, someone is found abusing commands/bugs.

As many of you may have seen people abuse various bugs and commands, but you may be wondering what the hell do I do? Well it's simple, remember that jail command? It's brilliant to use in this situation as well, you must first off start by getting proof that his player has been doing this, if it's a bug abuse and you didn't see it in action make sure to ask the player who reported the other player has solid evidence before taking action, an example of this would be a screenshot, but don't go jumping to conclusions by thinking they're doing it on purpose, you must ALWAYS warn people first. Now remember what we spoke about early about what to say? Let's see another bad example of what to say to someone before jailing them

Moderator: Oi you little b*tch, ur f*cked lol.. bug abusing, jailed

Now this is NOT the right way to go about things, you should always be polite, clear and calm in your responses to people and when giving out warnings a good example of this would be,

Moderator: You have been caught abusing insert bug here and you have been jailed for x amount of time.

Now if you catch someone doing this again, you must do the thing every moderator loves, banning As in the previous section you can follow these instructions on banning and how to approach it.

Now for the last section of this guide, people abusing commands. Now you may get a flood of kids going ::help, simply to annoy you or wind you up. This is a very simple solution, as in all the other sections, warn them, if this fails, mute them.


Thanks for taking the time to read my guide moderators! and always stay calm, composed and kind! Help everyone as much as you can and don't waste your time by getting angry, just try and be the best you can and help everyone!
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PostSubject: Re: A New Moderators Guide   Sat Oct 30, 2010 12:36 am

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A New Moderators Guide
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